KCOA-KHEA Training of Multipliers in Rwanda

ROAM that is implementing Knowledge Centre for Organic Agriculture in Africa
under the funding partners BMZ, Implementing through GIZ  in collaboration with the Master Trainers have initiated a five days trainings in Musanze District to train 60 (34 Females and 26 Male) Farmers on the Organic Agriculture practices, the Farmers here considered to be Multipliers are expected to end the training with the capacity to train other farmers on the information, knowledge and data disseminated to them, the Multipliers will be able to Collecting / preparing of knowledge, Dissemination of knowledge, Networking within agricultural value chains

We expect to train a total of 360 Multipliers and each of them will be able to train 50 farmers making it a total of 18,000 Farmers trained on Organic Agriculture practices, ROAM believes that together as a united stakeholders, we shall bring a change and be able to impact the Climatic changes, Soil Degradation, Safe and secure food to the society and be able to reach both local, regional and International Markets.

The Mayor of Musanze District was there to launch the trainings MUWUMUREMYI Jeanine

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