Twongerekawa coko


Twongerekawa coko is the cooperative of 204 members where by 169 are women and 35 men, was born from an initiative by coffee experts and large-scale farmers producing outstanding-quality coffee at farms located on Rwanda’s hillsides.
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Humura Organization


HUMURA is an independent registered non- government and non profit civil society organisation based in Ngoma district, Karembo sector, Karaba village,in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. The organisation was created in 2003 to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of the population in the global context of the fight against poverty.
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SORWATHE is the first tea factory in Rwanda to manufacture Orthodox and green tea. Its state-of-the-art factory is also the first to cultivate organic tea in the country. SORWATHE currently produces high quality green, black, oolong, and specialty teas for local and international markets.
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